Branding and Trade Agreements

The goal of Costa Rica's country brand, Essential Costa Rica, is to promote the export of products made in Costa Rica. The country's brand is being used to transform the image of Costa Rica as not only being a natural, ecofriendly environment and tourist destination, but also is a country with unique human talent that develops quality products and provides superior services to its customers. A brand, in general, is to unite people with a central message and value of the company, city, state, or country. Properly marketing the country's brand attracts new businesses and makes the country more attractive while negotiating trade agreements. Trade agreements increase the exchange of goods and services while decreasing cost and thus decreasing the price of the good or service to consumers. Decreasing price generally increases the demand for a product or service. 

Having a state brand for Louisiana that alters the nation's image and perception of Louisiana positively could attract investors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers to start new industries in the state. This would diversify our economy and decrease our dependency on the oil industry which has historically volatile prices. Since the oil industry is such a large portion of our economy, decreases in profits for oil companies results in widespread layoffs throughout the state and causes a serious downturn in our economy.

Louisiana has been known as the Sportman's Paradise which attracts many tourists, hunters, and fisherman. However, Louisiana consistently ranks low in education and high  in obesity. Higher rates of obesity are associated with an increased prevalence of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Preventable ones such as diabetes caused by obesity unnecessarily increases the state's healthcare costs. Furthermore, Louisiana has historically cut healthcare and education before any other sector of the state's budget. 

Creating a state brand such as "Living in Louisiana" that puts emphasis on education, healthcare, and technology will make it an attractive state to do business while diversifying the industries involved in our economy. This would require help from the state government and legislation that changes the process of making education and healthcare cuts while giving tax breaks to tech companies and companies in other industries which aren't currently in Louisiana. With the proper marketing of the state's brand as well as cooperation from the state government, Louisiana can change its national image.