Pineapple Plantations

Costa Rica's brand, "Essential Costa Rica", is supposed to market the country as a place that values sustainable business practices. It also promotes their human talent and educates foreign investors on Costa Rica's ability to manufacture and produce quality products. However, the country continues to face problems with deforestation and trying to strike a balance between economic growth and sustainable business. Many people are clearing land for dairy farming or growing of pineapples, coffee, and other crops.

The largest agricultural export for Costa Rica is currently pineapples. Many people in Costa Rica want to get involved in pineapple exportation because it is a profitable cash crop. The company we went visit today has plans to expand their plant. This may be due to expansion of the pineapple farm itself. Furthermore,  they also must use chemicals and pesticides in their growing and harvesting processes. Otherwise, fungus or insects may attack the crop and this would cause the company to lose a lot of money. While continuing to expand this business may be good for profits and economic growth, it begs the question of how much can these businesses grow and still remain sustainable? Costa Rica's sustainability model, especially in regards to the country's brand, is to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural and business processes. I don't think clear cutting of forests for expansion of pineapple plantations and use of chemicals and pesticides fits into that sustainability model or country brand.