Coffee vs. Cosmetic

There are definite differences between La Bella Tica Coffee and Monteverde Natural
Cosmetics other than the obvious agricultural versus cosmetic industry differences. First, the owner of La Bella Tica Coffee sells and trades locally while the owner of Monteverde Natural Cosmetics, however, has become successful enough to start selling their products through Amazon. The cosmetic products are mass shipped to Florida and distributed from there. La Bella Tica Coffee is not sold throughout Costa Rica and is only available through a couple of local retailers. The owner farms and roasts coffee to make income throughout the year instead of only seasonally like other Costa Rican coffee farmers. His product can also be ordered via email and shipped for an additional $5 per pag. Also, Coffee is extremely popular in Costa Rica unlike naturally made cosmetic products. Conservation via environmentally friendly farming methods and recycling processes is understood and accepted throughout the country. However, buying natural products that cost more isn't a popular idea among most low-income, rural Costa Rican families. However, there are similarities between the two. Most notably, it's the community aspect of the businesses. Both businesses are run by families and labored by families and their neighbors. There is a large communal perspective to running small businesses in Costa Rica.